Kitsat Spaceplace is a hub for the Kitsat users and people, who are interested in using space & space related subjects in education.

Right now Spaceplace is beta with limited functionality and content. It will be updgaded to operational platform in September 2019.

Access to Kitsat Spaceplace will be limited to Kitsat users and subscribers.


Educational material

Mix and match your lesson with the blocks we offer. The ready made material offer many subjects and topics from satellite technology to search of exoplanets – all using Kitsat as a tool.

Space news

Satellites are launched almost daily, new rockets are emerging, small New Space companies reveal stunning new services, space powers are looking back to the Moon and dozens of space probes are exploring the worlds around the Solar system. Spaceplace follows the news from the final frontier – these are are not only interesting, but also inspiring!

Customer chat

Majority of the professional Kitsat users are science educators. We can’t equal this group of valued customers, so sometimes the best way to find material or get ideas is talk with other educators. Our chat is made for this: sharing experiences and asking help from the community.

Resource database

We also offer a place for sharing resources for STEAM education. These can use Kitsat or be not at all related with Kitsat.



Product support

Do you have a problem with a Kitsat or want to just check something? Contact our product support team or browse the solutions list. Spare parts can be ordered quickly via your own Spaceplace account (and with notably reduced prices for the registered users).

Kitsat catalog

Each Kitsat carries a name; they are usually named after the stars. All delivered Kitsats are listed here (except if the customer prefers not to publish their data) and individual users can connect with the satellites they have been using via social media. All Kitsat users are a happy spacey family!