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Reaktor Hello World is a 2U CubeSat

One of the first Finnish satellites, 2-unit CubeSat called Reaktor Hello World reentered Earth's atmosphere on Monday and was destroyed like a shooting star.

It was designed and made by Reaktor Space Lab, and launched into space from India on 29 November 2018.

The satellite was the first Finnish commercial nanosatellite and it was equipped with the first miniature infrared hyperspectral space imager. 

This technology is founds now the base for Kuva Space, renamed Reaktor Space Lab with a mission to build a 100-satellite strong hyperspectral imaging constellation.

Reaktor Hello World was in function to the end. The ground controllers had the last connection on 21 October. Although a death of a functional satellite is sad, it also means a successful space debris mitigation – all satellites should be removed from space when their mission is over, either by reentry to the atmosphere or moving the satellite to a so-called graveyard orbit. 

Read more about the satellite on Kuva Space's Hello World page.