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Not only is it surprisingly inspirational, it is also a creativity sparking social activity!

Not only is it surprisingly inspirational, it is also a creativity sparking social activity!

What is Kitsat?

Kitsat is a fully functional satellite made for anyone who wants to learn about space science. It has been designed to be used at schools, science centers and other space-related educational organisations and even curious individuals just like you!

Understanding space technology is vital for the future and experimenting with it may help the new generation to better cope with future challenges. Everything from fighting climate change to creating new space-based services. Kitsat is the solution for you.

Kitsat is more than just a satellite. It’s your personal space program starter pack. Build it now and fly it to the stratosphere if you want to!



Kitsat can be used in many ways, in many situations. Learn new skills in coding, hardware and technology. Measure air quality, orientation and much more, all with Kitsat



As everything, Kitsat is also hackable. Experiment with custom code, or add new hardware components. Learn to interface and build by hacking!



Assemble and disassemble Kitsat from the ground up. Add functionality and hardware blocks, with a breeze. It’s all possible with our modular design!


Kitsat was hoisted to stratosphere

Kitsat did its first launch on Tuesday 11 June 2019 from the Tuorla Observatory near Turku. It flew to the stratosphere with a meteorological balloon.


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Become a space scientist today

Interested about space science? By building your first satellite you will better understand how space technology works. Start your journey today!

Meet the team

dream team with experience and young energy. We have satellite makers from Aalto university, a space educator and experienced communicators. We are always looking for new space enthusiasts to join our team. Let us know if you are interested!





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