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CanSat kit tested with a drone
A CanSat is a payload, like a simplified satellite, that is used to teach space technology. In CanSat student competitions, the payloads are put inside a normal soda can – giving the name for the CanSat. The kits used have been quite old and limited, so we designed our own using the experiences from the Kitsat, making these two a perfect match.

This new CanSat kit has more extensive features, better performance, and a significantly lower cost than the current kits used.

Our CanSats will be used first by ESERO Finland. Like other ESERO organisations around Europe, they have already a program around the CanSat concept, where kits are distributed to high schools participating or planning to participate in the CanSat competition. A kit with a lower cost can spread the program even further.

The new Arduino-based CanSat kit comprises a CanSat PCB, featuring an accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure sensor, thermometer, and photoresistor. The kit includes also a thermistor, a receiver, and antennas for both the CanSat and the ground station. 

Cansat 2023

The lower cost of the new kit is enabled by using integrated electronics, rather than separate breakout boards like the current kit. This allows also the students to focus on the software and physics phenomena studied, rather than spending their time soldering the kit together. This also enables more sensors to be included in the kit and encourages the more advanced students to expand the kit to a direction they are interested in.

More detailed descriptions and software are available at

Kitsat-inspired CanSat kit is revealed today at Heureka Science Centre during the ESERO Finland teacher event and is available for all interested from September. The kits can be ordered now at our webshop. For larger quantities, please contact directly our sales.