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Kitsat tested with a CubeSat pod
We flew up to Andøya in Norway to see their space education facilities and check if Kitsat can fit in a standard CubeSat launch adapter.

Andøya Space, also known as Andøya Space Center, is a legendary rocket launch site and spaceport on Andøya Island in the northmost part of Norway.

Norway has launched over 1200 sounding and sub-orbital rockets from there since 1962, and the site is nowadays not only used for other space-related activities but is also an important space education centre. 

Andøya Space Education welcomes students and teachers from Norway and other countries for hands-on education and experiencing this unique place.

Outside view of the Andoya space

We visited Andenes in November to see how Kitsats can be used in their programme, and one of the thrilling possibilities is putting the Kitsats aboard the sounding rockets. Every Kitsat is capable for a stratospheric flight, and our WISA Woodsat – real satellite – is based on Kitsat.

So riding a rocket and providing a cost effective way to do a real satellite mission with a sounding rocket with Kitsat is a thrilling possibility.

We're now working with Andøya Space to make this happen. Meanwhile we recommend visiting the space centre in Andenes to everybody – it is open also to the general public.

Andoya Space interior view