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Our team in Heilbronn
ECSITE 2022 conference was held in Heilbronn, Germany. We were present at the exhibition, had fun and met many existing and (hopefully) future users.

ECSITE is the European network of science centres and museums, but its yearly conference in practically a global conference of science centres and science educators. 

We were on our way to the 2020 conference, but the COVID happened. Not only it slowed our activities, but it also cancelled the conference twice.  No meetings in Ljubljana, nor Trondheim. 

But now in 2022, it happened, and possibly the energy accumulated in lost years the conference was hectic, interesting and exciting. It was good to be there. 

Kitsats in use

Our team – Iida, Ilmari, Jari and Visa – arrived to Heilbronn on 1 June and set up the stand in the tent. The "Business Bistro" was indeed this time in a tent, but it provided cosy and intimate setting for the days to come. 

We met many current Kitsat users, but met many possible new ones as well. The discussions, demonstrations and interactions during EXCITE were mind-blowing and we're looking forward to further cooperation.

Kitsat demo

See you again in Malta at ECSITE 2023!