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WISA Woodsat in Tartu
This weekend you have three possibilities to see WISA Woodsat yourself in Finland and in Estonia. WISA Woodsat will be present at three events starting from Kaivopuisto Airshow in Helsinki, and followed by Puusta Pitkälle Geocaching Mega event in Lahti and Estonian Aviation Days in Tartu.

Kaivopuisto Airshow 2021, Helsinki, 6 August

Helsinki Airshow was a massive aviation event in the heart of Helsinki. The event took place on a prime location of Kaivopuisto park in Helsinki and in addition to massive air display, the event had nice exhibition area. Whole core team was present and our satellite surely was the hightest and fastest flying object in the show.

We were present only on Friday 6 August, because on Saturday we headed to Lahti.

General view to the expo areaOur tent at the Helsinki AirshowThis young visitor built a satellite

Puusta Pitkälle Geocaching Mega Event, Lahti, 7 August

Puusta Pitkälle Geocaching Mega Event gathered Geocaching enthusiasts from all over the world to meet in Lahti, Finland. The event theme celebrated the rich woodworking heritage of the City of Lahti. As Lahti is the home city of UPM Plywood, what would have been a better place to also display the first wooden satellite in the world, WISA Woodsat.

We also announced that our satellite will carry a Travel bug. Read more about the bug here and about Geocaching here.

WISA Woodsat was a star of the eventThe mascot had also a closer lookShe had many spacey tags!

Estonian Aviation Days, Tartu, 8 August

Estonian Aviation Days was the largest aviation event in the Baltics, organized by the Estonian Aviation Museum and Estonian Aviation Academy.

One of the biggest mills of the UPL Plywood is located in Otepää near Tartu, where the event took place. Therefore we celebrated the satellite and its mission by occupying a whole hangar for us. The visitors made cardboard satellites and the WISA Woodsat mockup was presented.

Jari explainingThe visitors made also the cardboard satellites