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Spaceway team
Arctic Astronautics, the company behind Kitsat, is joining forces with Spaceway, a leading space educator in Portugal, to push space and STE(A)M education in Portugal, Brazil and Angola. 

Spaceway is an innovative company based in Coimbra, but acting all over in Portugal and Portugese-speaking world. They are seeing Portugal as a recognised global authority in the science and New Space Economy, and their team is laying the base to that by providing training, organising space-themed team building events and space camps, and inspiring young minds, students and professionals to pursue space-related careers.

Kitsat is a powerful tool for all of these activities as it is a fully functional satellite that can be used in many different ways and on different levels. Kitsats are designed for use in classrooms and outdoors: every Kitsat is capable of making a stratospheric flight, and with upgrades they can be sent also to space – as demonstrated with WISA Woodsat, the world's first wooden satellite that is powered by Kitsat.

Spaceway’s team is ready for demonstrations and teaching sessions with the satellites they have, and they have a direct line to our production facilities in Finland for ordering more satellites.

Parts of the educational material at Kitsat Spaceplace, an essential part of Kitsat’s pedagogic ecosystem, will be available also in Portugese and new material developed by Spaceway will be added to Kitsat educational material library.

So: quer ter um satélite? Contate o Spaceway!

(We’re celebtaring this new cooperation with a special price. Go to Spaceway’s bio on Instagram and get 10% off.)