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Set of 5 Kitsat satellites

What is summer holiday? We didn't notice that this summer when doing the final tweaks and  modifications for the production copy of Kitsat.

The satellite will be available in August in six fabulous colours: the solar panel frame can be black, gray, white, blue, red or green. Additionally the antennae can be chosen between the measure tape and fixed – we love the measure tape antennae, but for some users the fixed ones can be better.

The most popular kit has been a set of five satellites. This kit is tailored for classroom use and includes in addition to 5 Kitsats two handheld transreceivers for the ground station. The coulours and antennae styles can be mixed and matched as you like!

Our new website will be open soon and it will have also a shop for easy and convenient purchase. Naturally we take already now orders via email and telephone (+358 40 5509198).