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NGC 6822 seen by JWST NIRCam

This is perhaps not the most stunning photo the Webb Space Telescope has taken, but it is a good example how this observatory is running all the time and making observations all the time. The PR photos are published once a week, and some of those are reflecting more this day-to-day work.

Like this one: the photo published on 28 September 2023  shows the irregular galaxy NGC 6822, as observed by the Near-InfraRed Camera. NIRCam probes the near-infrared, which in this case makes it suitable for observing the densely packed star field.

Webb’s near-infrared NIRCam image shows the galaxy’s countless stars in incredible detail. Here, the dust and gas that pervade the galaxy are reduced to translucent red wisps, laying the stars bare for astronomical study. The power of Webb’s ice-cold infrared instruments and the incredible resolution of its primary mirror is necessary to examine stars hidden in dusty environments, and the results as shown here are spectacular.

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